“Beth has humor, wonderful diction, and she is devoid of spiritual pretension. She, among other things, is a born teacher.”
Bruce Moody


“Over the years I have had the great fortune to participate in three of Beth Beurkens’ workshops. In each Beth is able to bring in the incredible power of the helping spirits as well as draw us students into a place of courage and trust. Her humor, deep knowledge and candor put us at such ease that we fell quickly into the work with our helping spirits. There was never a dull moment with all questions being answered in one fashion or another. She kept us all moving from one learning experience to the next. And in less than 48 hours we were a true community of seeking souls standing and drumming in circle singing Wavoka’s song led by Beth. Thank you Beth!”
Denise Paulette, Shamanic Practitioner


“I attended Beth’s Way of the Shaman Introductory Workshop on 8-9 Feb 2014, in Santa Rosa, Ca. In short, it was a phenomenal experience, and serves to further my interest in the Way of the Shaman. Beth’s Knowledge, countenance, and quiet-but-Present energy set the tone for 22 People to bond interactively for a great learning experience. She led us through practical exercises that galvanized purpose and focus, allowing us to receive results and show that more is to be revealed. I left with a “having scratched the surface” feeling, with a strong sense of Being on the right path, and the intent to pursue more of Beth’s teaching through the Foundation.”
Rob Coward


“It was truly a Gift being with your Energy. It is clear that your Heart is filled with life purpose. It is quite a skill to teach, but it’s another dimension to instruct Shamanism. You have such passion for the Shaman ways, it’s contagious. I want to thank you for your gift of time, and the wisdom you shared. You’re far much more than a teacher; this material is life saving, very critical in today’s world.”
Joel Burrow, Shamanic Practitioner, Seattle, WA


“I was one of the lucky ones who got to float in and out and along with the fantastic gang at the FSS Three Year course and get really stretched out doing it. One of the very best things about the whole show was Beth and her constant, powerful presence as the world’s greatest journey drummer, holding sacred space, keeping the digs cozy and the journey deep. Hallelujah! Thank you so very much for all the good times, Beth.”
Chris Davis, Electrician, Richmond, CA


“Beth has a tremendous ability in shamanic work, is able to move in and out of the shamanic worlds with deep sensitivity and a lot of spiritual power. I feel very secure with Beth – she brings love, open heartedness and compassion to her work, combined with a lot of experience, focus and knowledge.”
Judy Reynolds, California, Hospice Counselor


“As a teacher and a shamanic practitioner you’ve been a vital participant in the transitions happening in my life. I’d like to share with you a poem that emerged during my integration time after the long-distance soul retrieval you performed for me.”


there were scatterings
of ideas
of impulses
separate but waiting
yearning to converge
to create a force
and fulfill a purpose

slowly they came together
wading through the mud
then rapidly
accelerating into clear water
rushing now
a multitude of rivers
emerging as one
in the great fertile ocean

Wendy Arnott, mother and artist, Beaumont, CA


“The Shamanic Divination Training is a great class. Beth is an absolute jewel, a rare gift given to those of us fortunate enough to know and learn from her.”
Deborah A. Stehr, Ph.D., Dreamworker and Writer, California


“I am filled with thankfulness to be part of this wonderful vessel in the circle of women which makes such big change and transformation possible.”
Helga Gopper, Germany, Teacher


“The way Beth is teaching is so very useful in my daily life. Life has become deeper and more valued through all the shamanic techniques I have learned with Beth.”
Anna Fietcher, Switzerland, Artist & Shamanic Practitioner


“No matter what path you are on, The Way of the Shaman will enrich and empower you. Beth teaches with such fire and passion I was truly inspired.”
Jaya Two Feathers, Oregon


“In 1993 I met Beth for the first time in a workshop in the Swiss Alps. Her great knowledge of Shamanism, her enthusiasm, great humor and at the same time total seriousness is inspiring many women like me in finding their own Shamanic roots and living in harmony with nature and the helping spirits. Some years ago Beth did shamanic healing work and a soul-retrieval for me, which helped me to feel my inner power again, to get back my energy and creativity.”
Mirjam Doerig, Switzerland, Art Therapist


“The support and love from the shamanic group is indescribable. To have a place, a sacred place to honor ourselves, is priceless.”
Kathy Beal, California, Executive Accountant & Artist


“This is one of the few places where “sacred ground” is created…to create the rituals and ceremonies of each one’s individual truth, where each is encouraged and supported in finding and living her ‘own’ truth.”
Lenore Spelaris, California, Retired Teacher


“Your warmth, your humor, your ability to include everyone, your respect & humility all together create a safe and nurturing environment where the spirit can soar.”
Lori Hunt, California, Office Manager


“Beth did a soul retrieval for me and I now feel my inner power, energy and creativity again. I got the strength to go through a serious illness and surgery.”
Mirjam Doerig, Switzerland, Art Therapist


“Life has become deeper and more valuable from all of the shamanic techniques I have experienced with Beth. I have learned to trust in myself.”
Anna Fiechter, Switzerland, Language Teacher


It was a healing experience to be with all these people and to do “soul medicine”. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge, inspiration and humor with us!
Sandra Mellioret, Germany, Nurse Practitioner


“Beth Beurkens is a companion to the Muse. Her integrity and knowledge are knit together with her compassion. She is adept in guiding one through the rich creative processes of writing and in walking with her clients into healing and recovery. She has the rare gift of melding power and love in consistent service to her community and sacred Earth.”
Rick Sievers, Washington, Poet & Shamanic Practitioner


“I love the way your Vision Quest course completely honored my process. There was no agenda of what I was to heal, how I was to heal or any “system” I was to learn. The course guided me in my own work. The healing that occurred was deep, was profound and was MINE!”
Priscilla Schaffer, Senior Planner, California,


“The Vision Quest course has helped me to sort the wheat from the chaff and to look within myself to find the tools I needed to move forward with my life. The course got me out of “NEUTRAL” and into “DRIVE”.”
Jeanette Supp, Teacher, California