Shaman’s Mirror

Shaman’s Mirror

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Shaman’s Mirror is a visionary quest into the realms of the shaman-mystic. Beurkens’ poems show us how to access sources of invisible power in our daily lives.

The poems and photographs in Shaman’s Mirror deepen our own mystical sensibilities and help us illuminate our spiritual roots.

Ten spirit-filled color photographs of traditional shamans in their ceremonial costumes, root the poems in Shaman’s Mirror. The world class photographers include Carolyn Drake, Wolfgang Kaehler, Alexander Nikolsky, Paul Eijkemans, and Kevin Turner.

“Beth Beurkens’ poems are filled with light, heart, mystery and the beauty of this world. She delightfully uses the universal language of poetry to speak the ecstasy that is the shamanic experience. With great generosity, she shows how this ecstasy is most deeply encountered in our simplest interactions with Nature and with loving people. Beth’s poetry is nurturing food for the heart and soul.”
~Claude Poncelet, PhD
Author of The Shaman Within

Shaman’s Mirror, Beurkens’ heart-spun tapestry of lyrical gifts, is a balm of healing for our soul. Each word, like the beat of her medicine drum, entrains us to our own heartbeat, beckoning us to see from the quiet of our soul.”
~Michael J. Tamura
Author of the award winning You Are The Answer

In Shaman’s Mirror, Beth Beurkens evokes entire cycles of quest and growth. Suffused with the spirit of our natural world, her voice takes us where “the moon is the shaman’s eye / the sun, her heart / god’s face, her mirror. Her image-rich work pays homage to the “wild deities.”

~Paulann Peterson, Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita,
Author of Understory and The Voluptuary

Here’s Beth Reading Bounty from Shaman’s Mirror: