Shaman’s Eye

Shaman’s Eye

shamans-eyeAuthor: Beth Beurkens
Publisher: Sky Ladder Press
Title: Shaman’s Eye
ISBN: 978-Ø-9823922-8-7
Price: $15.95
Year of Publication: 2009
Binding: Perfect-bound paperback
Number of Pages: 96
Genre: Poetry

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“Shaman’s Eye is a fantastic book.
These are beautiful, beautiful poems.”

– Michael Harner, Ph.D,
Foundation for Shamanic Studies founder & president

Shaman’s Eye, Beth Beurkens’ first collection of poetry, takes us on an ancient and contemporary spirit journey to be initiated into the luminous wisdom of the heart. Like sacred stories, these poems move us through haunting, mystical realms, revealing the cosmic design of human life.

Beurkens speaks with deep intuition and keen vision about our connections to the spiritroot, the natural world and to the life-thread itself.

These brilliant, beautiful poems and their companion petroglyph photographs open a rapturous portal to our unity with Source.

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Shaman’s Bridge
Hollow Bamboo
Review of Shaman’s Eye


Beth Beurkens is a searching and singing spirit, drawing wisdom from the natural world.

-Joanna Macy, author/teacher, World as Lover, World as Self; Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives and Our World

In Shaman’s Eye, Beth Beurkens speaks with deep intuition and keen vision about the connection to the spirit-life, to the natural world, and to the life-thread itself. These are brilliant, beautiful poems, each a portal to a world as intimate and sacred as a dream.

-Terry Ehret, author, Lucky Break; Lost Body

Having witnessed how deeply Beth has guided people into healing these last many years, I now have the glorious opportunity to experience her poetry and the source of this sacred connection. She transforms humanness into poetic gesture. Beautiful, authentic, heart-warming…

-Meredith Foster, author/wilderness guide, The Book of the Vision Quest; The Four Shields of Human Nature

Beth Beurkens turns words until the reader feels the freshening of the soul. The images are crisp and soothing, and I became the knower and the known. These poems provide us a stepping stone in the path to the future.

-Eva Shaw, writing coach/teacher/author, Writeriffic:
Creativity Training for Writers; Writing the Nonfiction Book

BETH BEURKENS, M.A. is a poet, non-fiction and travel writer. She is the author of a book on dream interpretation, By the Light of Our Dreams, and has been published in numerous anthologies and news magazines including We’Moon, In Celebration of the Muse, and Mountain Spirit News. Beth teaches college-level creative writing and is a poet-teacher for California Poets in the Schools. She is on the faculty of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, teaching shamanism in California, Nevada, and Oregon. She also teaches in Europe and has a private shamanic healing practice in Ashland, OR and Switzerland.

She is a calendar editor with Amber Lotus Publishing and teaches writing at Rogue Community College. In her innovative writing programs, she helps writers unleash their courage and creative genius. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her deepest learning has always been from the voices of the stars, lakes, sun, trees, stones, moon and the helping spirits who, she says, are always singing to us.

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Poems are images that give us a window into the life of the soul. Spirit sings. Poetry translates that breath of infinite love and healing to us, illuminates the spirit in us and in our relationship with the world.

Poetry especially carries the power of healing and radiance in it, what shamans call “word doctoring.” The rhyme, cadence, rhythm and words can carry us to other worlds where new images, new connections and illumination await us.

As poets we are “priests of the invisible,” diviners, word doctors, and shaman mystics. We give shape to the ineffable. A book is a living being that miraculously finds its way into the hands and hearts of others.

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