Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops


I have met many [people] who think they can’t be writers
because their lives aren’t interesting enough to write about.
This is simply untrue.
Everyone’s life is mysterious, beautiful, stunning magic.

– Lesléa Newman, Writing From the Heart

Writing With The Spirits

Climbing the World Tree with Beth Beurkens
Saturday, September 29
10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Eugene, Oregon area


The Creative Spirit – that relentless, singing power within you – is always extending its invitation to you to express your stories, poems and the essence of who you truly are.

As writers we see reality through the lens of myth, dream and intuitive knowing. We are in touch with elusive creative forces that move through us.

Learn to communicate with compassionate spiritual helpers, the immense singing power that surrounds you. Foster the flow of words from the luminous landscape of your soul. Working with writing prompts, readings, humor, walking meditation and journeys, you will help quiet the “busy mind” and open the golden doorway into source.

Calling on our ancestors and climbing the shamanic world tree, we will write with the power of the universe.

We welcome Beth Beurkens, M.A., to Eugene to share with us her years of experience as a shamanic healer, teacher, and writer, and the methods she and her spirits have created for unlocking our deepest expressive abilities. Beth is a faculty member with the international Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the School of Women and Earth in Europe, and maintains a healing practice in Ashland, Oregon. She is known for her “Courage to Write” workshops, and is the author of Shaman’s Eye.

Who it’s for: Anyone who would like to bring the help of the Spirits into written expression! If you do not have prior shamanic experience, you are still welcome.

For information and registration:

Contact Marta Boyett, marta@epud.net
Cost: $105 – $175. Sliding scale fee.
Class will be held in a gentle country setting near Eugene, Oregon

Note: This workshop is presented independently and is not part of Foundation for Shamanic Studies curriculum.




2017 Dates TBD
Hidden Springs Wellness Center


Writing As A Sacred Path gives you the time and supportive space you need to listen to your heart and speak the truths and untold stories of your life.

Writing As A Sacred Path is grounded in writing practice, freeing the wild mind, exploring uncharted territory within and expressing yourself in new, evocative ways.

You will explore dynamic writing techniques for creating new material in many genres. I bring writing prompts, suggestions, humor, readings, and guided visualizations to help quiet the “busy mind” and open the golden doorway into Source. Accessing this place of power, spirit and imagination helps connect heart, hand and pen to your unique voice and the deep essence of writing.

This workshop is strengthened by my twenty-nine years as a poet, successful teacher, author, journalist and writing coach.

Writing As A Sacred Path workshops can help you –

  • Stretch your expressive courage with new writing techniques
  • Discover the unique nature of your own writer’s voice
  • Write more freely and powerfully
  • Overcome “writer’s block” and the fear that you “do not have what it takes” to write
  • Develop a writing practice that taps into your creative instincts and frees your creativity
  • Discover “first thoughts” and original detail to bring your writing alive
  • Move towards publishing in online literary journals
  • Become part of a supportive community of women who are committed to writing, listening and open camaraderie

Learn to write from your spirit – the immense, singing power within you.

We will use writing practices, breath-work, visualization, and walking meditation to explore the wonder and mystery, the essential truths that call out to us for expression.

In this workshop you will:

  • learn to connect with the core of your own wisdom, allowing words to flow from the luminous landscape of your soul
  • develop the foundations of good writing – intuition, memory, your authentic voice and the fearlessness it takes to use it
  • discover how to use your own language and tell your unique stories
  • access the rich, creative source of your heart and tap the power of your inner voice
  • experience a safe, supportive setting in which to nurture your creative spirit

Whether you write for pleasure, publication, or personal growth, this workshop is designed for women who want to discover new sources of inspiration and tap into the deep creative well.





2017 Dates TBD
Mt. Shasta, California


On Lake Siskiyou amidst stunning views of the Eddy Mountains and Mount Shasta, where bald eagles fish trout and bears come to drink, we will write and share our creative lives.

The boat is one of the great metaphors for the journey through life. The journey of the writer has mythical dimensions paralleling the life journey – the call to adventure, meeting the mentor, crossing the threshold, allies and adversaries, ordeals and rewards.

We’ll write in the big Patio Barge, drop anchor at a beach for swimming, have brown bag lunches and journey to a hidden cove.

Space is limited to ten women on a first-come, first-served basis.


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This workshop is open to women and men of all ages with all levels of writing experience.
2017 Dates TBD                              picture3
Mt. Shasta, California


In this workshop you will explore the filaments of connection your spirit and body have with the land as well as what the land evokes in your heart. Through your writing, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the rich wilderness and nature stories that are stored in your full-body memory.

Memories such as:

The green of tall reeds, stark against golden sand dunes as I crawl toward them
in my small, three-year old body.

At my feet, the cracked puzzle-pieces of drying pink mud along the Amaragosa River.

The vibration in the earth before the thundering sound of wild horses
pounding across the high, grassy alp where I am leading a vision quest.

Nature writing is a story in a place. In telling your story you honor the landscape and explore the facets of your experience there. In writing nature essays and nature stories you discover the layers of meaning in your nature experience as well as explore and complete the feelings you have about that place. In this workshop you will discover your inner nature writer and how to infuse your story-telling with your intention and your passion.

LOCATION: Our group room in Mt. Shasta, California has stunning views of both Mt. Shasta and the Eddy Mountains.

WHAT TO BRING: Paper and pens, your enthusiasm and love of nature, a brown bag lunch. Hot tea will be provided.