Shaman’s Quest

Shaman’s Quest

With Beth Beurkens, M.A.

January 2021

In times of transition, crossroads and new beginnings, we are called on a transformative Quest, a rite of passage to explore our life dreams, discover our life direction and unique gifts, to create a life that makes a difference, healing the self and the world. The Wilderness Rites of Passage guides women through the classic stages of a spiritual quest – from hearing a call to change and answering it, through dying, healing and rebirth, to discovering purpose and power and returning with it back to the world.

Who is the Quest program for? Are you seeking greater clarity about your life’s meaning? Do you want to live your life more passionately? Are you seeking spiritual renewal or wanting to reclaim your personal power?

Perhaps you are in the midst of a life transition, have reached a crossroads or are experiencing a dark night of the soul. You have heard a call and you are ready to take the next step in your life. You want to experience the inspiration and healing that nature can bring you. You feel the need for a powerful “initiation” or passage ceremony. Any one of these can be a calling to undertake a quest for new vision.

In this course we will explore both experiential and conceptual tools for navigating each of the stages of the Quest. Our activities will include life transition rituals, inviting revelation from the powers of nature, dream work, three solo days and nights in wilderness places of power, spirit journeys, drumming fire circles, dancing, healing ceremony, sacred storytelling, inspiring group process, and more.

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